fairest, a helen/paris mythfic, pg-13
(written for cate)
aphrodite discovers she has some competition for ‘woman of the year’, and isn’t above encouraging some immoral behavior in order to win. helen sparta is a woman who seems to have it all — but knows something is missing. paris alexander is the hottest columnist in town, and doesn’t hesitate to use his charm to get what he wants. one of the world’s most infamous affairs may lead to future havoc…

Looking at her, as she tried to make herself smaller, tried vainly to dim the light and pain that were so plainly obvious to his eye, made his hands itch. His body said it knew her, knew the warmth of her skin and the soft curves beneath the modest dress and shawl. He shifted his legs beneath the table, his knee bumping hers, and he saw the way she instantly stiffened, the shiver that crossed her face. (7,867 words)


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