A trio of mythfics featuring:
Hades/Persephone, Ganymede/Narcissus, and Hermes/The Cat.
Persephone wants Hades to get into the spirit of the season. Narcissus comes in from a winter storm and turns to Ganymede to warm up. Hermes and the Cat play a ghostly trick on a miser for all the right reasons.

balancing act, an adonis/narcissus/ganymede mythfic.
{author’s note: this is the first time i’ve attempted alternating first person POV, so be gentle with me.}
a model whose name is synonymous with male beauty. an egocentric painter who’s made a career on self-portraits. a young man who just happens to be zeus olympian’s personal assistant.
when narcissus and adonis make a bet, the surprise is in who really wins.

It shouldn’t be such a tempting suggestion, and I’m annoyed with myself for even considering it. But when he’s touching me, kissing me, dimpling my flesh with his fingertips, I feel better and more real than I ever do in front of cameras. I feel solid, like a man of blood and bone rather than an attractive frame for clothes. Strange, I suppose, how I only feel truly whole when I’m with a man who can barely see past his own nose. (10,150 words)

maternal instincts, a psyche-centric mythfic.
(written for Meredith.)
psyche has the world — its problems and uncertain future — on her shoulders.
She thought of Hestia’s work, her shelters and outreach programs, and resolved to support her further. What good was divinity if it did not try to repair that which was broken, or heal that which was sick? They depended on this world for so much, and yet so few of them gave back as they ought to. As half-mortals, they owed it to the humans to empathize with them, to relate to them better. And as immortals who would see the days to come, they owed it to the world to ensure those days would be brighter ones. What sort of world was this to leave to the next generation? (5,097 words)

Billie Piper is Psyche in {The Lito}.

Michael Fassbender is Poseidon
as seen in The Lito by zombres

swim until you can’t see land, an aphrodite/poseidon fic.
{written for unclebenjen.}
It’s an anniversary of sorts.
He takes her to the beach. She asks archly if she should bring a clamshell bikini. (1,739 words)


submission and domination, a multi-character fic featuring orion and circe.
{author’s note: i know nothing about the bdsm lifestyle; pardon any mistakes made for the sake of story-telling.}
circe goes undercover at eris’ dominatrix dungeon.
orion is sent to sniff out a mole.
when the truth comes to light, things are going to start to quake. (9,560 words)


party crashers, a doctor who/lito crossover fic, featuring dionysius/ariadne and ten/rose.
(written for cate)
rose and the doctor were aiming for italy, and instead found themselves in the midst of the party of the year.
dionysius and ariadne discover a strange blue box in the hall. time lords and gods: not all that different, really. {and isn’t it funny how so many fierce ladies share the same face?} (4,825 words)


equanimity, a psyche/eros, pandora/bellerophon, hedone/hercules mythfic, pg-13 (written for cate)
eros and psyche open their summer home to their daughter and her friends, hoping the time away will help them cope with the recent revelations. zeus and hera arrive with a few more: and some unexpected offers.

Bellerophon was a skinny, patchwork man, and Pandora couldn’t remember a time when he had seemed frailer and more fragile. The wind that ruffled his black, messy hair seemed almost strong enough to carry him away entirely. One more gust and he would float off over the trees, nothing more than a displaced scarecrow rather than a flesh-and-blood man. (8,659 words)

fairest, a helen/paris mythfic, pg-13
(written for cate)
aphrodite discovers she has some competition for ‘woman of the year’, and isn’t above encouraging some immoral behavior in order to win. helen sparta is a woman who seems to have it all — but knows something is missing. paris alexander is the hottest columnist in town, and doesn’t hesitate to use his charm to get what he wants. one of the world’s most infamous affairs may lead to future havoc…

Looking at her, as she tried to make herself smaller, tried vainly to dim the light and pain that were so plainly obvious to his eye, made his hands itch. His body said it knew her, knew the warmth of her skin and the soft curves beneath the modest dress and shawl. He shifted his legs beneath the table, his knee bumping hers, and he saw the way she instantly stiffened, the shiver that crossed her face. (7,867 words)